Download our light-weighted, compile-free tracking toolkits or full dataset here.


The benchmark offers light-weighted and compile-free toolkit written in Python. You will find tutorials and examples in the corresponding repositories.


To download VideoCube files, please click one of the following links and provide your email address in the new page. We will send you an email with an link to your download.

Data File Structure

The VideoCube dataset includes 500 sequences, divided into three subsets (train/val/test). The content distribution in each subset still follows the 6D principle proposed in the GIT paper.

The dataset download and file organization process is as follows:


Download baseline tracking results and performance reports of 20 public entries on VideoCube from the official account page:


The VideoCube dataset is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. You are free to use the dataset for research purpose. If you want to use it for commercial purpose, please contact us.



Global Instance Tracking: Locating Target More Like Humans.
S. Hu, X. Zhao*, L. Huang and K. Huang (*corresponding author)
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
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Please cite our IEEE TPAMI paper if VideoCube helps your research.